Theres GrüterProfessor & Graduate Chair
PhD, McGill University

photo of Professor Grüter
Theres Grüter

Moore Hall 404


My research investigates how language users of all kinds – adults and children, monolingual and bilingual – process and learn language. I am particularly interested in how we integrate information from various linguistic (e.g., phonological, syntactic, semantic) and non-linguistic (e.g., event structure, visual information) sources, how we do so as quickly and successfully as we typically do in everyday communication, and how input and experience influence our language learning and use.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Sentence processing
  • Developmental Psycholinguistics
  • Childhood bilingualism

Selected Publications:

Kaan, E., & Grüter, T. (2021/in press, Eds.) Prediction in second language processing and learning. [Bilingual Processing and Acquisition (BPA), 12]. John Benjamins.

Grüter, T., & Hopp, H. (2021). How permeable are native and non-native syntactic processing to crosslinguistic influence? Journal of Memory and Language, 121, 104281.

Hopp, H., & Grüter, T. (2021/OnlineFirst). The time-course of competition from the L1 grammar in L2 sentence processing: Evidence from cross-linguistic structural priming. Second Language Research.

Kim, H., & Grüter, T. (2021). Predictive processing of implicit causality in a second language: A visual-world eye-tracking study. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 43(1), 133-154.

Grüter, T., & Rohde, H. (2021). Limits on predictive processing: Use of grammatical aspect for co-reference in L2. Applied Psycholinguistics, 42(1), 51-75.