Yu-Han Lin

photo of Yu-Han Lin
Yu-Han Lin

MA in Applied English Linguistics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
EdM in Applied Linguistics, Teachers College, Columbia University

Research Interests: Conversation analysis, Chinese as a second/foreign language teaching and learning, language maintenance, intercultural communication

Selected Publications:

Lin, Y.-H. (2018). Identity politics and popular culture in Taiwan – A sajiao generation [Review of the book Identity Politics and Popular Culture in Taiwan – A Sajiao Generation by H.-I S., Yueh]. The East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, 4(1), 129–133.

Lin, Y.-H. (2017). Reflections on first PhD year: How I secured on-campus job opportunities outside of my department as a starting point. AAALgrads, 8–10. Retrieved from: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XvjHlQJClIWZE_Djmx8RQNvD-5D522aq/view

Lin, Y.-H. (2017). The Mandarin tones of a Japanese loan word in Taiwanese Southern Min: How saying one word can evoke two colonial periods. PeerSpectives: An Exploratory Learning and Teaching Publication, 19, 13–15. Retrieved from: https://peerspectivesonline.org/current-issue/

Lin, Y.-H. (2015). Uses of “someone:” Beyond simple person reference. Working Papers of the Linguistics Circle, 25(2), 79–87. Retrieved from: https://journals.uvic.ca/index.php/WPLC/article/view/13620