B.A. student Shannon Pederson receives Boren Scholarship

Congratulations to Shannon Pederson, an SLS student in our BA program, who was recently awarded a prestigious national Boren Scholarship! The Boren Scholarship will support Shannon during her 2023-2024 Korean Flagship Capstone Program at Korea University in Seoul.

As a double major in SLS and Korean Flagship, Shannon began studying the Korean language as a hobby at the age of 16 and turned that interest into an opportunity to study abroad in South Korea while she was in high school. “That experience,” she states, “made me realize that not only would I like to continue studying Korean, but also that I have a lot of interest in the general process of language learning and linguistics (and traveling!)”

Shannon is eager to see how her double major will serve her in her future and hopes to apply what she has learned from both fields wherever she finds herself. “I hope to see myself in grad school or in a career where I can use what I’ve learned from my Korean Flagship and SLS major, such as teaching or creating class and test materials/techniques for others.”

Finally, Shannon is excited to make the trek over to study at Korea University, meet new people, and learn more about the Korean people and culture. “I imagine it will be a challenging and different, but also very fun experience.”

We wish you all the best!