Where are alumni of the BA program in SLS?


Click here (or on the map above) to see a full-size map.  (Any alumni who are somewhere that isn't marked on the map, please send an email message to let us know where you are now and what you're doing:

Keeping your UH Username and E-mail Account

There is a system in place for alumni (as well as retired employees) to keep your UH email accounts, along with your Google Drive and Google Site for your UH account!  However, it is your responsibility to actively enroll in the service and renew your enrollment on a yearly basis  Here are the important details

  • Students who are graduating (or employees who are retiring) will be able to keep your UH email account and have limited access to the university's online services by enrolling into 'Ohana Online Services.  The access includes your UH email, your UH Google Drive, your UH Google Site, STAR and the SECE website (which apparently also has some full-time jobs listed).
  • Sometime soon after you have officially graduated/retired, the UH Identity Management System will detect that you are no longer "affiliated" to UH (that is, you're no longer an active student or employee).  When that happens, your UH unsername is placed into a "grace period" of 180 days.  During that 180-day grace period, you need to enroll in the `Ohana Online Services.
  • If you do not enroll in `Ohana Online Services within the grace period, your UH username will be disabled and all your data on your UH-related Google Drive, Google Docs, or Google Sites (as well as any stored email messages) will be deleted, and impossible to restore (that is, it will be gone forever).
  • Further, if you want to keep these services for the long term, you are also required to re-enroll in `Ohana Online Services each year.  Again, if you fail to re-enroll, your UH username will be disabled and all your data would be irretrievably deleted.

Additional information about the `Ohana Online Services and how to enroll can be found at the following links:

If you have questions, please contact ITS Help <>.