CoursesCourses for the SLS BA

The course requirements listed below are for those students who declared SLS as a major in Fall 2021 or thereafter. Students who declared SLS as a major prior to Fall 2021 should click here.

When Courses are Offered

To help you plan your course of study in the BA program in SLS, the following table shows when SLS courses are typically offered*:

Required/ Elective
Focus, etc.
SLS 130 - Introduction to Pidgin in Hawai‘i Introductory
SLS 150 - Learning Languages and Communicating in a Globalized World Introductory
SLS 218 - Introduction to Second Language Learning & Technology Introductory
DS, W2
SLS 280 - Bilingualism: Cognition & Culture Introductory
SLS 301 - Basic Language Concepts Required3
SLS 302 - Second Language Learning Required, Prerequisite1
SLS 303 - Second Language Teaching
SLS 304 - Sociolinguistics of Multilingualism Required
SLS 311 - Second Language Testing
SLS 312 - Techniques in SL Teaching: Reading & Writing
SLS 313 - Techniques in SL Teaching: Listening & Speaking
SLS 408 - Multilingual Education
W2, DS
SLS 418 - Instructional Media
 W2, O4
SLS 430 - Pidgin & Creole English in Hawai‘i
H5, DS
SLS 460 - English Phonology
DS, O4
SLS 475 - Practicum for Future Language Professionals
SLS 480-alpha*
SLS 485 (Professionalism in SLS)


This chart should only be used as a general guide for planning purposes. There is no guarantee that all SLS courses will be offered as indicated above, or that they will always have the focus or other General Education Core designations indicated above.

  1. SLS 302 is the primary prerequisite course in the department.  The official listing in the UH Manoa catalog says "prerequisite (or concurrent)". This means that you can take other SLS courses during the same semester that you take 302. It's also OK to take SLS introductory courses (SLS 130, 150, 218, and 280) prior to SLS 302. However, when you begin taking SLS courses at the 300- or 400-level, you'll need to be sure that SLS 302 is one of the courses you start with.
  2. SLS 218, 302, 408, and 418 are "Writing Intensive" courses (each counts as one of the general education core requirements for "W" focus). We recommend that students avoid taking two "W" courses in the same semester. Additionally, SLS 441 is considered by most students to be “homework-heavy” and requires that students keep up with (if not ahead of) the homework. Thus, we also recommend that students avoid taking SLS 441 at the same time as a "W" course.
  3. 3 options to fulfill the second language analysis requirement: 301, 441, or LING 320. Talk with an SLS advisor before deciding which course to take.
  4. SLS 312, 313, 418, and 460 are "Oral Communication" courses (any would meet the general education core requirement for "O" focus).
  5. SLS 130 and 430 fulfill the "H" focus requirement (either would meet the general education core requirement for "H" focus).
  • Topic areas for SLS 480-alpha are:
    • 480P = Second Language Pedagogy
    • 480R = Second Language Research
    • 480U = Second Language Use
    • 480N = Second Language Analysis
    • 480E = Second Language Learning
  • SLS 499 (Directed Reading/Research) is not listed in the chart, but may be possible in any semester or in summer, with permission from a supervising faculty member.
  • 300- and 400-level courses from other fields of study may be used as electives, if approved by your SLS advisor.
  • SLS 441 has been renumbered to SLS 601, and SLS 490 has been renumbered to SLS 311, effective Spring 2023. Students can still count both courses towards graduation regardless of course numbering.

*The textbooks listed will be available at the UH bookstore before the semester begins as well as in price comparison shopping agents such as and  If you purchase from the price comparison shopping agents, be sure to allot enough time for delivery, as it can sometimes take 2-3 weeks for delivery.