Planning Your Degree

Planning Your Degree

Steps to take planning your SLS degree

All current or prospective SLS majors should be familiar with both the expectations required and opportunities available when you get a BA in SLS. Those who are also interested (or even just potentially interested) in graduate study in SLS should become familiar with our BAMA Pathway. In addition to information and requirements related to the BA program in SLS, this also includes the UH General Education Core and Graduation requirements. The following information should be used as a reference; it is the student’s responsibility to meet regularly with their academic advisor to stay up to date and to plan ahead for completing their degree (but SLS has mandatory advising every semester to make sure this happens). To give you a sense of how to begin planning for your degree and how to finish it in a timely manner, you can see a sample 4-Year Plan and Program Sheet for SLS.

BA Requirements
General Education Core Requirement

More details can be found in the SLS BA Program Sheet (see above link). Further information about planning your degree, course options, and a detailed explanation of how to use a program sheet can also be found in the UH Manoa Catalog and the Colleges of Arts, Languages & Letters (CALL) website.

Preparing for Graduation

  • Graduation paperwork must be filed with the CALL Advising Center (see Graduation forms) near the middle of your next to last semester (for those who will graduate in Spring or Summer, the deadline to turn in your grad paperwork is October 31; for those who will graduate in Fall, the deadline to turn in your paperwork is April 1).