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The goal of Hawaii’s Living Reef program is to raise general public awareness of the importance and interconnectedness of the coral reef ecosystem to Hawaii’s lifestyle and to teach and encourage positive behaviors that will protect and nurture this life-giving natural resource.

This campaign is driven by several beliefs including:

  • a need to increase collaboration and communication among coral reef-based outreach and education activities;
  • to maximize resources and efforts to produce the most effective products possible; and
  • to minimize duplication.

This integrated communications campaign is based on the recommendations and observations of organizations that are directly involved in nurturing Hawaii’s coral reef ecosystem. Approximately 18 months of research and collaboration, including the results of a study by Ward Research, form the basis of this awareness effort. Beginning during the later part of 2001, organization representatives gathered on the islands of Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai and were asked three main questions regarding coral reef outreach and education: 1) identify the main target audiences, 2) identify the messages that need to be relayed, and 3) identify the most effective methods to delivery the messages.

The campaign is intended to relay the key messages to various target audiences using the most appropriate communications tools and leveraging and highlighting existing programs and activities.

The vision of this effort is that through a unified communication effort and continued collaboration, our united messages regarding coral reef conservation will form a timeless campaign that is meaningful and reaches all walks of life. This project is intended to be 100% inclusive, and not exclusive, and continuously growing in partners and support.

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