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Katie Caldwell, MSW
Instructor, Distance Education Option

Gartley Hall Rm. 009
Phone: 808.956.6205
Fax: 808.956.5964

Biographical Narrative

Katie Caldwell is a social worker, teacher, writer, and community activist that studies gender inequality, gender  violence, race relations, and queer studies. She has worked with victims of sexual assault, human trafficking, rape, and domestic violence in Hawai‘i, on the continent, and abroad in Argentina and the Philippines. In addition to teaching, she is as a professional social worker for Making Media That Matters with Hawai‘i Women in Filmmaking (a filmmaking program for cis, trans, and non-binary teen girls). She teaches for the School of Social Work and Women’s Studies at UH Mānoa.


B.S., Sociology, Minor in Vocal Music, Austin Peay State University (Tennessee)

MSW, Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies, UH Mānoa

Research Interests

  • Gender Inequality
  • Intersectional Feminism
  • Toxic Positivity
  • Queer Studies
  • Gender Violence
  • Race Relations


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Austin Peay State University (Clarksville, TN) 1997-2002, 2011-2011 – B.S. in Sociology, Minor in Vocal Music
University of Hawai’i at Manoa (Honolulu, HI) 2011-2014 – Master’s of Social Work, Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies

Work Experience and Career Development

University of Hawai’i at Manoa Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work: (January 2017 – Present)

Position: Full-time Instructor

  • Full time instructor teaching a minimum of 7 classes in a 9-month period, including SW200 Intro to Social Work (both in-person and online), and SW360, SW361 and SW659, SW660 Human Behavior in the Social Environment (MSW and BSW)
  • Member of the Scholarship Committee (through the department)
  • Assisted in launching the new BSW Distance Education degree option (2018)
  • Assisted in creating an accelerated online platform for distance learning for the BSW Distance Education degree option
  • Academic advisor to 40 BSW undergrad students
  • Committee member for strategic planning/technology innovation for the School of Social Work, including social media.


Making Media That Matters (Hawai’i Women in Filmmaking): (January 2016 – Present)

Position: Social Worker, Program Director

  • Social worker for staff and participants. The program involves at-risk cisgender, transgender, and non-binary female youth (ages 12-18)
  • Writer/blogger for the program, updated weekly on the agency website
  • Instructor/facilitator for the social justice component of the program (weekly “lessons” on differing social justice issues, such as racism, colonization, oppression, feminism, LGBTQ, etc.)
  • Train and instruct staff on crisis/trauma management, triggers, and working with oppressed populations
  • Create/maintain partnerships with local organizations that can assist in the agency mission (Planned Parenthood, Domestic Violence Action Center Teen Program, Sex Abuse Treatment Center, etc.)
  • Interview, hire, and train new staff and social workers (alongside the Executive Director)
  • Social media manager for the program (Instagram, Facebook)

University of Hawai’i at Manoa Women’s Studies Department: (November 2010-Present)
Position: Research Assistant (2010-2011) Graduate Teaching Assistant (2011-2014), Lecturer (Present)

  • Instructor for WS 446 Gender and Violence, WS 200 Gender and Appearance, WS 375 Women and Media
  • Provided assistance to Dr. Meda Chesney-Lind and Dr. Susan Hippensteele with day-to-day clerical work and research for publications
  • Assisted the department in the process of moving from a provisional BA to a permanent BA for Women’s Studies
  • Assisted with NSF grant project with Dr. Susan Hippensteele
  • Clerical work related to the department in general and assisting fellow students with department-related issues
  • Teaching assistant for WS 176 Gender/Sex/Sexuality 1500 to Present for Dr. Ayu Saraswati. Duties included preparing for and teaching a lab section on a weekly basis consisting of 40 students, and grading for the entire course (quizzes, tests, projects, and papers)
  • Teaching assistant for WS 350 Sex Differences in the Lifecycle for Professor Lisa Vallin. Duties included preparing for and teaching class once a week, assisting with grading of quizzes, papers, and projects, as well as assistance in securing speakers for the class, related to course topics
  • Assisted Dr. Ayu Saraswati in research for the department in their plans to adopt a future PhD program
  • Organizer and coordinator of the Women’s Studies Academic Colloquium Series, in which UH Manoa academics, visiting professors from the mainland, and other countries present original work to students
  • Coordinator and advisor for the Women’s Studies Graduate Capstone Series
  • Student Advisor for undergraduate Women’s Studies certificate students

University of Hawai’i at Manoa Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work: (August 2016-Present)
Position: Adjunct Lecturer

  • Instructor for graduate-level Human Behavior in the Social Environment for the MSW Program
  • Instructor for MSW 699 independent study course
  • Instructor for SW 200 Intro to Social Work undergraduate course

Making Media That Matters program (Hawai’i Women in Filmmaking): (January 2016 – Present)
Position: Social Worker, Blogger/Writer, Teacher

  • Social worker for staff and participants. The program targets female youth (ages 12-18) and often attracts high-risk youth with trauma
  • Writer/blogger for the program, updated weekly on the agency website
  • Instructor for the social justice component of the program (weekly “lessons” on differing social justice issues such as racism, colonization, oppression, gender, misogyny, etc.)
  • Advise and train staff on crisis/trauma management, triggers, and working with an oppressed population
  • Work to create/maintain partnerships with local organizations that can assist in the agency mission (Planned Parenthood, Domestic Violence Action Center Teen Program, Sex Abuse Treatment Center, etc.)

No Vote No Grumble (Partners in Development Foundation): (June 2014 – November 2016)
Position: No Vote No Grumble Communications Project Manager

  • Managed all social media accounts for the campaign (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Created writing pieces for publication on behalf of the organization (Civil Beat, Common Cause, Mana Magazine, etc.)
  • Created and updated campaign website, provided all original content for website
  • Organized regular event presentations and appearances for campaign exposure: sign-waving, voter registration tables, political events and fundraisers
  • Worked with other local political organizations, non-profits, schools, and community organizers to partner with the campaign
  • Grant writing and editing

Fidelity National Title and Escrow: (May/2011 – September 2011)
Position: Administrative Assistant

  • Front-desk reception including all clerical duties (filing, fax, phone system, package scheduling, greeting customers, etc)
  • Data entry for office IT director
  • Assisted title and escrow officers with daily clerical work and customer service
  • Opening/closing duties of office on a daily basis
  • Assisted HR manager with specialized tasks as needed

Domestic Violence Action Center (DVAC): August/2007 – September/2009
Position: Senior Advocate/Counselor

  • Provided survivors of intimate partner abuse comprehensive support and advocacy as they navigate the legal, health and social service systems
  • Offered clients long-term case management and counseling
  • Supplied clients with needed legal information and worked in conjunction with attorneys and paralegals on the client’s behalf
  • Provided domestic violence education and worked with other agencies that could be of assistance
  • Referred clients to DVAC legal team for legal representation, as well as referrals to other DVAC programs
  • Accompanied clients to all relevant appointments for assistance (welfare, doctor’s appointments, police station, etc.)
  • Provided accompaniment to court hearings in family/criminal/federal court (TROs, Divorce, Custody, etc.)
  • Provided referrals and Sponsorship to educational opportunities and scholarships.
  • Worked closely with immigrants to assist them in legalizing their status and achieve work permits
  • Arranged psychological counseling and/or support groups for victims and their children
  • Safety planned with all clients to assure the utmost safety
  • Worked two Legal Helpline shifts a week and trained new employees/students to do so

Party of Six: October/2006 – August/2007
Position: Member Services and Sales Director

  • Trained new office staff and supervised existing staff
  • Provided support for new and existing clients
  • Developed partnerships between Party of Six and island companies (such as bars, restaurants, outdoor tours, bars, etc.)
  • Conducted “Relationship Coaching” sessions for clients
  • Counseled current and potential clients on a daily basis
  • Sold new memberships to interested potential clients
  • Assisted with marketing/advertising campaigns for the company, including social media
  • Managed client membership base and matched clients through membership base daily

National Multiple Sclerosis Society: December/2005 – July/2006
Position: Client Programs Coordinator

  • Counseled newly diagnosed patients, first contact for all new or interested clients
  • Maintained, monitored and supervised existing Self-help Groups throughout the state to insure they meet Chapter guidelines
  • Enlisted sponsorships from local organizations to fund our Program Department’s educational trainings and workshops
  • Trained and supervised new volunteers and student interns (including database training)
  • Secretary of the Clinical Advisory Committee and Strategic Initiatives Committee
  • Inspected event locations to ensure they meet standard Chapter regulations
  • In charge of implementing all new programs from National Headquarters
  • Took monthly inventory of brochures and society literature to be distributed to affiliated clinics

Executive Service Corps of Indiana: February/2005 – July/2005
Position: Management Assistance Program Administrator

  • Assisted the Director of Consulting by serving as a conduit between staff, volunteers, and clients
  • Responsible for communication to all consultants and clients to provide project status
  • Prepared and edited reports, strategic plans, and others as needed by consultants and staff
  • Performed project intake, consulting Letters of Agreements, tracked consultant hours/project status, closure, evaluation and billing

American Red Cross, Mid-West Kentucky Chapter: April/2004 – January/2005
Position: Special Events Coordinator

  • Organized special events (mainly fundraising) for the Mid-West Kentucky Chapter.
  • Served as a liaison between the American Red Cross and other social service organizations
  • Orchestrated the “Miles for Measles” fundraiser, (chapter raised the largest amount in the nation)
  • Participated in the planning stages of the “Heroes Campaign”, and other fundraising ventures
  • Completed daily office work, data entry and updated and maintained our chapter’s website
  • Composed and published our monthly newsletters
  • Aided military service inquiries
  • Taught CPR and health and safety classes
  • Assisted with disasters locally and worked on disaster DR-866 (Hurricane Relief), in Orlando, FL

Urban Ministries/Safe House Domestic Abuse Shelter: 07/2002 – 12/2002
Position: Relief Manager

  • Checked in and evaluated new clients, performed exit interviews for residing clients
  • Became senior crisis counselor for crisis hotline
  • Counseled in-shelter clients
  • Trained new volunteers and students for crisis hotline
  • Organized donations, maintained upkeep of shelter, and occasional weekend/overnight worker
  • Provided clients with other basic services (transportation, job search, legal services, etc.)

Graduate Student Practicum Placement for Master’s in Social Work Program, UH Manoa:

Ka Hale Ho’āla Hou No Nā Wāhine (TJ Mahoney’s) Practicum Placement: (August 2013-May 2014) TJ Mahoney’s is a macro-experience placement in which I directly assisted the Executive Director. TJ’s is a community-based reentry program dedicated to the mission of empowering incarcerated women to successfully transition from prison to the community. I helped to organize and teach a creative writing workshop for the residents, performed daily administrative tasks and projects, organized graduation and aloha ceremonies, researched and edited grant applications, and acted as a liaison between the organization and other community groups.

Western Samar Development Foundation (WESADEF), Calbayog City, Philippines: (May-August, 2013) Consuelo Foundation provided this coveted internship experience. WESADEF operates a shelter for girls that have endured some form of sexual trauma (trafficking, rape, incest, etc.). I lived and worked on-site in the shelter with 23 girls (ages 6-20) for 3.5 months. I used both yoga and music therapy as a means to treat trauma; using art and movement to assist in the healing process. Additionally, I organized and conducted workshops in various villages in the community on domestic violence and women’s rights.

Volunteer Experience:

  • Girlfest Volunteer and participator – Honolulu, HI
  • Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery and Human Trafficking – Honolulu, HI
  • Domestic Violence Action Center organizer for 5k Race against Domestic Violence, Poinsettias for Peace fundraisers
  • One Billion Rising Organizer and dance instructor – Honolulu, HI
  • Hawai’i Women in Filmmaking volunteer for Making Media that Matters project – Honolulu, HI
  • American Red Cross (Tornado Disaster Relief) – Madisonville, KY; (Hurricane Disaster Relief) – Orlando, FL
  • Girls on the Run Assistant Coach – Honolulu, HI
  • WESADEF (shelter, Philippines) charity drive organizer (multiple charity drives for the shelter and for typhoon relief – Honolulu, HI
  • Volunteer as admin/moderator/social worker for the largest online support group (30,000 members) for SIBO (a digestive health condition)

Special Skills/Attributes:

  • Lived and worked abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2009)
  • Lived and worked abroad in Calbayog, Philippines (summer of 2013), novice Tagalog/Waray-speaking skills
  • Full grasp of all Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
  • Moderate-advanced knowledge of WordPress blogging site
  • Multiple trainings and certificates in domestic violence (including a 40-hour intensity DV training seminar), immigration services, courtroom and legal work, under-served populations, welfare and section-8 housing, and human trafficking.
  • Free-lance writer featured in several online capacities, as well as local Hawai’i publications like Flux Magazine and Abstract Magazine.
  • Social media training (Instagram)
  • Speaking engagements at Chaminade University and Hawaii Pacific University
  • Speaker for the SIBO SOS Symposium (chronic illness symposium)
  • Nominated for 3 UH Manoa Excellence in Teaching Awards
  • Invited speaker for the Social Work and Social Development Conference on behalf of UH Manoa in Dublin, Ireland

Professional/Personal References:

Sarah Zeren (808)341-6637

Dr. Vera Zambonelli (808)206-0848

Dr. Ayu Saraswati (808) 956-8669

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