Qualify for SNAP (aka Food Stamps) with SPAM 01/10/2022

Previous instances where basic needs security was in the popular press or media, credible research articles, and past events.

Reflections on the Groceries to graduate scholarship program at Missouri Southern State University 9/14

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Most in Hawaii not prepared for natural disaster, study finds 7/17

Bidenʻs Plan B on student loan forgiveness relies on Higher Education Act: What to know 7/5

AOC says student-loan borrowers ʻshould not be incurring interestʻ for at least a year after payment resume as she calls on Biden to ʻconsiderʻ altering his plan 7/5

UHERO releases new report on state of housing in Hawaiʻi 6/29

UH campuses prepare for Skyline launch 6/29

New Oʻahu housing database to provide insight to residents, policymakers 2/21

An Expert Explains the Importance of Supporting Student Parents 11/22

Food Insecurity on College Campuses 9/19/2023

US Poverty Rate Fell By Half in 2021 9/14

What Will It Take to Make College More Affordable? 9/13

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline 8/25

Biden to Cancel $10,000 in Student Loan Debt; Low-Income Students Are Eligible for More 8/24

Student Views on Affordability
and the Value of College

First Look at Public Transportation Accessibility at Americaʻs Community & Technical Colleges 8/24

For Student Parents, The Biggest Hurdles to A Higher Education are Costs and Finding Child Care 8/17

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‘Ivory Tower’ (2014). Explores why American higher education is so pricey:

The Aging Student Debtors of America 7/27

Hawaii Will Create a New Office Dealing With Trauma 7/26

A Guide for Low-Income College Students 7/19

University of Hawai’i Faculty Encouraged to Adopt Student Basic Needs Course Syllabus 7/19

Definition of “Doubling Up” on Housing from Dept. of Education 7/13

Helping College Students Get SNAP: Facilitators & Barriers to Access 5/23

Higher Education Affordability and Debt Crisis 5/2

The ‘Unbelievable, Horrible, Crushing Weight’ of Student Loans 5/2

Pell Grants Fall Short in Making College More Affordable for Low- & Middle-Income Students 4/29

Extended: The Federal Student Loan Payment Pause 4/28

ED and USDA College Students and SNAP Webinar 3/24

California Higher Education Basic Needs Alliance (CHEBNA) 2022 Learning Series 3/24

University of California Basic Needs Initiative 3/24

UH System Student Basic Needs Master Plan Released 3/23

Top Scientific Journal Publishes New Hope Center Article on Pandemic’s Affect on College Student Basic Needs 2/8

Biden-Harris Administration Take Actions to Support Students’ Basic Needs and Migrate the Spread of COVID-19 at Colleges and Universities 1/25/22

DOH Investigation into Navy Water System 12/22/21

Assistant Professor Encourages Students to Embrace Help for Basic Needs 11/3/21

Herchinger Report Article on Hunger in Higher Education and Recommendations for Policymakers 9/22/21

How to find TXT0 (no-cost) Courses at the UH System 

Hawaiian language website, more webinars for help with hunger, housing 9/21/21

Inside Higher Ed: Article Addressing Student Basic Needs Insecurity Through the BASIC Act 6/29/21

HOPE Center Releases UH System & Campuses Basic Needs Reports 6/20/21

UHWO Student Battled Hunger, Housing Insecurity 6/20/21

Hawaiʻi Launches Program to Give Keiki Free Meals During Summer 6/1/21

Pandemic Pushes Millions into Food Insecurity 5/19/21

Supporting Student Basic Needs for Kauwela (Summer) 5/10/21

Open-Educational Resources in Higher Ed

Hawai’i Food Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic

#RealCollege 2021: Basic Needs Insecurity During the Ongoing Pandemic

Rental and Utility Relief Program Application

How to Address the Growing Food Insecurity Issue in Hawai’i?

UH News: More UH students eligible for SNAP aka Food Stamps