[FALL ʻ17] Study Sustainability Courses at University of Hawai’i campuses systemwide

The S-Designation helps you to easily find sustainability courses offered at UH so that your higher education remains relevant in a rapidly changing world, so that you are able to not only equipped to understand our relationships and function with the biosphere and each other, you are empowered to create a thriving & flourishing livelihood amidst times of change.

Similar to the way “WI” identifies a Writing Intensive course, “S” identifies a course that is sustainability-focused or sustainability-related. The S-Designation is indicated in Banner comments, and some sustainability-focused courses will appear on your transcript.

The S-Designation was created to help you more easily connect with faculty teaching awesome sustainability courses, and to provide students with the opportunity to study sustainability from a variety of perspectives. Questions about a particular course can be directed to the instructor for the course.

Click here to access a full listing of S-Designated courses offered across many UH campuses, and check out a selection of some of these amazing courses below beginning with the 3 sustainability degree programs UH currently offers:

UHWO Bachelorʻs of Applied Science: Sustainable Community Food Systems
UHMC Bachelorʻs of Applied Science: Sustainability Science Management
UHM Bachelorʻs of Interdisciplinary Studies: Sustainability Studies

UH Mānoa

UH Hilo 



Windward CC