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The following listing of sustainability focused courses in the general education curriculum is updated each semester. These courses equip students with the knowledge, experiences, and skills to thrive in a rapidly changing world:

link to Hawaiʻi Community College Sustainability web site
Hawaiʻi CC
UH Hilo Coming Soon
link to Honolulu Community College Sustainability web site
Honolulu CC
link to Kapiʻolani Community College Sustainability web site
Kapiʻolani CC
Kaua’i CC Coming Soon
link to Leeward Community College Sustainability web site
Leeward CC
link to Manoa Campus Sustainability web site
UH Mānoa
link to West Oahu Campus Sustainability web site
UH West Oʻahu
link to Windward Community College Sustainability web site
Windward CC
link to Maui Community College Sustainability web site
Maui College

The “S” course marker indicates a sustainability focused course.

Similar to the way “WI” identifies a Writing Intensive course, on most campuses “S” identifies a course section that has a “primary and explicit” focus on sustainability. The “S” course marker was created to help students more easily connect with faculty teaching sustainability focused courses across a variety of academic disciplines. Some campuses offer an Academic Subject Certificate in Sustainability based on completion of multiple sustainability focused courses.

In addition, there are many other course sections that include sustainability related subject matter and assignments.

Consult Class Availability to see which courses and sections are being taught each semester. Questions about a particular course or section can be directed to the instructor.

(*Note: Sustainability focused courses at UH Mānoa are cross-listed as SUST.)

Sustainability as a Discipline

View Sustainability Degree Programs to learn more about studying sustainability as a discipline, where you will learn how to become a change agent equipped with competencies to work towards transformation and restoration of healthy, flourishing, and equitable social, economic, and ecological systems.

Core Concepts of Sustainability

Sustainability courses use core concepts and related key terms to help students build sustainability literacy across different classes and academic disciplines on all UH campuses.

Why are sustainability courses important?

Climate change, sustainability, and resilience are essential, existential, challenges. greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere have reached uncharted territory. Our planetary life support systems are compromised, and the anticipated impacts of climate change pose a clear and present threat to all of our futures.

Humanity is faced with a crisis fueled by a deep disconnect from the laws of nature, which has led to a dysfunctional and destructive relationship with the natural world. Students deserve an education relevant to the future they will inherit. We are committed to equipping students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors they need to survive, and thrive, in a more sustainable world.

Sustainability courses also teach with core values.

We can think of core cultural values such as Mālama Honua (Care of Island Earth), Aloha ‘Āina (Love of Our Lands), ʻImi ʻIke (All Knowledge is Valued), and Māuo (The Perpetuation of Well-Being) as ethical filters that can guide our decisions.

Before we decide on a course of action we pause to ask ourselves how this action conflicts with or is an expression of one or more of these core values.

Last modified: July 14, 2021
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