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UH has over 11-Mega Watts of PV installed across the Hawaiian Islands

The University of Hawai’i is committed to being a leader in renewable energy and has a goal to become NetZero by 2035, exceeding the State’s goals by 10 years to be 100% renewable by 2045. UH has a historic leadership role dating back to the 70’s when the energy house was constructed as a demonstration of sustainable architecture utilizing natural ventilation and solar water heating. Our first rooftop PV system of 83kW DC was energized over 10 years ago on the Big Island’s NHERC facility located on the Hamakua Coast of Hawai’i island. As of fiscal year 2021 we have over 11MW of installed PV capacity which generated over 11 million kWh, enough to power over 1,200 homes for a full year! Our PV systems are mainly rooftop installations, parking shade structures and ground mount arrays. The projects are built through a portfolio of funding sources including capital procurements and PPAs.

West Oʻahu

Total Installed Capacity: 703 kW DC
Energy Produced: 782,554 kWh (FY2019-20)

Hawaiʻi Community College

Total Installed Capacity: 375 kW DC
Energy Produced: 1,884,066 kWh (FY2019-20)

Honolulu Community College

Total Installed Capacity: 236kW DC
Energy Produced: 361,097 kWh (FY2019-20)

Kapiʻolani Community College

Total Installed Capacity: 130 kW DC
Energy Produced: 193,017 kWh (FY2019-20 )

Kauaʻi Community College

Total Installed Capacity: 96 kW DC
Energy Produced: 73,135 kWh (FY2019-20)

Windward Community College

Total Installed Capacity: 1,485 kW DC
Energy Produced: 18,759 kWh (FY2019-20)

Last modified: July 19, 2021
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