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Campus Center 2019

Energy Conserved ~116,367 kWh/year

Campus Center is continually being upgraded and renovated. The latest work is the third phase in an 18 year long project that began in 2008 ( see: “Campus Center Renovation and Expansion Project“).  Foyer lighting was replaced with the latest LED technology. The new LEDs provide better coverage, uniformity and color rendering for improved safety and visibility. They require much less maintenance and last much longer. These lights are on 24/7 for both safety and security at the heart of the campus.  Because of the long run times, this conversion to LED technology conserves over 116,000 kWh/yr.  That’s a lot less energy and a lot less strain on our environment.

Fixtures and lights that were upgraded:

  • Wall sconces
  • Tube lights
  • Ceiling lights
  • Exit signs
  • Emergency lighting (battery powered backup lights that turn on during a power outage)
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