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Dance Building 2013

Dance Building
Dance Building
Dance Building
Energy Conserved ~18,810 kWh/year

Dance is one of the most ancient arts. Dancers train their bodies to perfect movement and expression.  The Dance Building is an open breathable structure that is naturally ventilated and bright, constructed in 2013 it achieved a LEED Gold certification a year later. Light, air, warmth and coolness in the studio are adjusted and maintained to provide optimum conditions for practice. The air conditioning system is modular and designed to use windows for natural air flow and minimal additional cooling. Two large solar arrays are mounted on the roof. A photovoltaic system provides all the power the building needs and a solar water heating system provides all the hot water used for showers.

Other building efficiency features include:

  1. Extensive use of skylights and windows to use daylight
  2. Electrically operated windows mounted high in the ceiling
  3. Smart lighting with sensors that adjust to changing lighting and occupancy conditions
  4. Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning system
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