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FROG 1 & FROG 2 2016

FROG 1 and 2
FROG 1 and 2
FROG 1 and 2 west
FROG Buildings rooftop solar array
FROG 1 and 2FROG 1 and 2 westFROG Buildings rooftop solar array
Energy Conserved ~16,207 kWh/year

Two Flexible Response to Ongoing Growth (FROG) classroom buildings, were constructed as part of a larger research program, intended to evaluate the performance and integration of a range of energy technologies that includes energy efficiency, storage and renewable generation systems.

As research platforms, the classrooms incorporate a real-time dashboard that displays current and past operating conditions, including outdoor climate and indoor comfort indicators as well as energy use by the different components.

Intended as an educational tool, the dashboard will foster more efficient behavior by allowing users to visualize their energy usage and generation. It will also serve as a source of data for developing STEM-based curriculum.

The Classrooms’ Efficiency Features include:

  1. LED lighting
  2. Advanced Daylight and Occupancy Lighting controls
  3. Highly Insulated walls and ceilings
  4. Low E Windows glazing that allows visible light through minimizing heat
  5. Oriented for low heat gain
  6. High Efficiency Ceiling Fans
  7. Optimized window placement for natural ventilation hot air rises
  8. “Mixed-mode” Cooling structures, using both natural ventilation and air conditioning only when needed
  9. Photovoltaic arrays, producing more energy than the buildings consume
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