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Gym 1 & 2 Lighting 2019

Energy Conserved ~46,399 kWh/year

Gyms 1&2 practice Gyms originally built in 1981 as part of the greater athletics/PE complex.  This is where UH athletes train daily for Division 1 competition in Basketball and Volleyball.  Guest teams also use these facilities to practice before games.  On any day, one can visit this facility and hear the whistle blow, as athletes sprint up and down the courts, or participate in technique sharpening drills.   The facility is also used for PE classes

40 years after it was built, the Gyms underwent a Major renovation replacing the court flooring, improving the lighting, and upgrading the indoor environmental quality of the space.

The Gyms Metal Halide lighting was replaced with energy efficient LEDs. And, although more lights were added to improve visibility, the overall energy efficiency of the Gyms has increased..

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