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Information Technology Center 2014

Energy Conserved ~2,020,526 kWh/year

The Information Technology Center (ITC) is home to the enterprise information and communication technology system serving all 10 UH campuses and state government agencies throughout Hawaiʻi. The ITC provides many services and facilities.  A computer help desk, a video conferencing center, training rooms, classrooms, support for broadcasting and distance learning are available. Specialized services and support are available for digital media production and editing with advanced audio support with sound booths. High availability critical services are also provided in a data center, a network operations center and an emergency situation room. Emergency support facilities are built to withstand hurricane level 3 force winds with redundant power, networking, and communications for 3 days.

The Information Technology Center is one of very few data centers to receive a LEED Gold certification. The ITC maximizes energy efficiency and sustainability to meet the broad range of ventilation and cooling needs critical to its operation by employing displacement ventilation, chilled beam cooling, passive rear door cooling units (RDC) for high density data cabinets, and top return Computer Room Air Handling Units (CRAH) for low and medium density cabinets in curtained zones to provide the necessary comfort and cooling for its occupants and equipment respectively. The perimeter brise soleil deflects direct solar heat while bouncing daylight into 75% of interior spaces. Air quality sensors enhance comfort by managing light fixtures and the ventilation system.

Photo Credit: Bill Brooks Photography

Building efficiency features include:

  1. Efficient uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  2. State of the Art HVAC System.
    1. Chillers replaced with high efficiency magnetic bearing type chillers.
    2. Variable frequency drive controlled Cooling Tower.
    3. Variable frequency drive controlled Pumps.
    4. Data Center:
        1. Displacement ventilation 
        2. Rear Door Cooling (RDC)
        3. Computer Room Air Handling Units (CRAC)
    5. Chilled Beam cooling for occupied spaces
    6. Occupancy Sensors/intelligent control
  3. Exterior brise soleil fins 
    1. Block direct solar heat gain
    2. Improved daylighting reflected 
    3. reduced glare 
  4. Advanced Lighting System
    1. Efficient Lighting and LEDs
    2. Photosensors to dim or turn ceiling lights off when enough daylighting is present
    3. Occupancy Sensors/intelligent control
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