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Matthew K Lynch

Personal Objectives:
1. To maximize positive impact by focusing on catalyzing institutional transformation. 
2. To develop new business models which restore ecological systems and planetary life support systems that our existing business models have so badly damaged.
3. To create authentic human connections and beauty in the face of accelerating environmental degradation, technological advances and social unrest.

Matthew Kamakani Lynch has worked in a broad range of community-based sustainable development projects from Laos to Mongolia to Vanuatu, from building rural community resilience through farmer trainings, to sustainable economic development, to catalyzing institutional change through policy work and collaborative leadership. 

Matt’s talent for energizing communities and individuals has re-humanized urban and institutional systems in the developing and developed worlds, and works towards restoring & regenerating the ecological systems upon which these social systems depend.

Matthew currently serves as the System Sustainability Coordinator for the ten campuses of the University of Hawaii. He also currently serves as the President of the Board of Directors for Kahumana Organic Farm and as Sustainability Measures Co-Chair on the Board of Directors for Hawaii Green Growth (a public-private partnership).

Interests: food, energy, water, complex systems, ecological economics, circular economies, human behavior, indigenous innovation, resilience-thinking, systems-thinking, futures-thinking, organizational redesign, regenerative enterprise, regenerative design

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