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TUESDAY, May 14: Day 2 – “Piko I” 
Understanding contemporary landscape practices, curriculum, and partnerships

7:00 am | Breakfast on your own
Grab & go provided at Kahumana

8:00 am | Check-in for Huakaʻi
 @ Nāulu Center

8:45 am | Vans depart: Huakaʻi to one of three sites!
 @ UHWO campus
Please be sure to wear hats, shoes, and bring water & snacks

UHWO Hale will be available for those not participating in huakaʻi
Best ADA accessibility option.

12:00 pm | ʻĀi pono (lunch)

1:00 pm Grand Challenges Alumni Poster Presentations
@ room C-225
Course designs from Grand Challenges alumni 2017 and 2018

1:30 pm | Kamuela & Manu – Welcome back & reflections@ room C-225
Reflection, Praxis, Mihi

2:00 pm |Keynote: Dr. Kiana Frank
“Ka wai ola: The living waters of Hawaii” Contemporary data analyzed in the context of our akua highlights the value of ʻike Hawaii in understanding of biogeochemical processes along ahupuaʻa and guiding research approaches in ways that perpetuates place-based knowledge and foster values and concepts of traditional management.

2:30 pm | Reflection, Praxis, Mihi

2:40 pm | Mihi modelled by Manu

2:45 pm | 15 min break

3:00 pm |Teaching to Grand Challenges: “SENCERizing in an Hour”
With SENCER scholar Mike Ross & Grand Challenges alumni Jaclyn Lindo, Kuan-Hung Chen, Kyle Kajihiro, and Krista Hiser

An interactive session supporting educators to design / redesign teaching & learning to integrate ʻIke Hawaiʻi / SENCER / Sustainability / Civic Engagement frameworks / perspectives

5:00 pm | Reflection, Praxis, Mihi

5:30 pm | Pule Pani – Pau

Dinner on your own

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