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WEDNESDAY, May 15: Day 3 – “Piko A”
Hōʻike, mihi, commitments, shared vision

8:00 am | Hoʻolauna (mix & mingle) @ room C-225

9:00 am | Pule Wehe; Kumuhana with Kamuela Enos

9:30 am | Keynote: Dr. Lelemia Irvine
“Aia i hea ka wai a Kane (Where is the water of Kane?): Using Predictive and Theoretical Computational Approaches to Create More Sustainable Landscapes”

I will discuss how computational fluid dynamics (CFD) may be applied to extend He Mele no Kane so as to protect our precious land and natural waterways.

10:10 | Reflection, Praxis, Mihi

10:30 am | Team Time! Working on your own course @ Nāuluwith Ulla Hasager & Yao Hill

  •      Team #1: Nāulu Center Kitchen
  •      Team #2: Nāulu Conference Room
  •      Team #3: Nāulu Main Room
  •      Team #4: Second Floor Registration Area (BreezeWay)
  •      Team #5: Kuahuokalā (hale in our organic garden)

11:45 am | ʻĀi pono (lunch) @ Cafeteria
Working lunch at tables organized by academic disciplines

1:00 pm | Hōʻike: Time to share what you have created @ Nāulu

2:30 pm | Reflection & Praxis @ Nāulu
Manu Aluli Meyer & Krista Hiser

  •      How has our time together shaped you?
  •      What will you do different going forward from today?
  •      How does this knowledge increase student success?
  •      How will you empower students + strengthen communities?
  •      How will your community be restored and revitalized through your work?

3:15 pm | Mihi Aloha
Bearing witness to Piko A. This time is dedicated to kukulukumuhana, the pooling of energy, so that the work accomplished can be planted, nourished and intentionalized.

4:00 pm | Pule Pani: Pau hana

Mau ke aloha no Hawaii!

Last modified: May 11, 2019
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