Office of Energy Management

The Office of Energy Management (OEM) was established in July 2016 to achieve the University of Hawaiiʻs Net Zero mandate to produce “as much (renewable) energy as the system consumes across all campuses, by January 1, 2035.”

Learn more about UH Net Zero Energy commitment.


The University of Hawaii continues to work collaboratively with key stakeholders across Hawaiiʻs vibrant energy ecosystem including legislators, communities, utilities, co-operatives, accelerators,  renewable energy providers, researchers, students and more, to integrate renewable generation, energy storage, grid modernization (smart grids & micro-grids), electric transportation, demand response, electric efficiency standards and emerging clean technologies into its energy strategy.

In pursuing its Net Zero energy goals, and in recognition of its desire to support the sustainability and renewable energy goals of the broader community and State, the University of Hawaii will also support and seek opportunities to participate in PUC-approved programs and projects offered by the electric utility and co-operatives.

A number of reports and studies have been conducted over the past few years that offer valuable insights into pathways forward for the university to improve its energy performance.  Click here to view more.