Check this section frequently, we will keep this section updated as questions come in.

How do I get from HNL airport to UH West Oʻahu? 

  • We recommend sharing rides from HNL airport to UH West Oʻahu so that costs can be shared.
  • Lyft app estimates ~$40 for a 4-seat vehicle / ~$70 for a 6-seat vehicle. *USE “SAEA18” discount code for 20% off.
  • Uber app estimates ~$60 for a 4-seat vehicle / ~$80 for a 6-seat vehicle.
  • Shuttles will be available to transport you to Camp Pālehua from UH West Oʻahu.

I am an SAEA member. What discount am I eligible for? 

  • Individual SAEA members are eligible for $15 discount on conference registration.
  • Institutional SAEA members are eligible for $50 discount on conference registration.
  • Email to request the appropriate SAEA discount code to enter at registration.

Does SAEA discount include travel & accommodation costs?

  • No, all conference attendees are responsible provide their own funding for travel & accommodation costs. A number of conference + accommodation options are available at registration.

How do presenters not attending the entire conference register? At what cost?

  • Presenters attending the conference for their session only should email and request a Presenter-Only discount code to enter at registration.

What is the cost to attend for one day only?

  • Faculty & Staff one day registration cost is $100 (use discount code DAYF).
  • Students one day registration cost is $25 (use discount code DAYS).
  • These codes do not apply to scholarships or registrations with accommodation packages (single-day attendance is not an option w/ conference & accommodation packages).

What time does the conference begin and end?

  • Registration is anticipated to open at 3pm on Thursday, July 26.
  • Welcome & opening protocols anticipated to begin promptly at 8:30am on Friday, July 27.
  • Closing circle is anticipated to conclude by approximately 3pm on Sunday, July 29.
  • Stay tuned to conference website for additional details about agenda.

I am a student interested in the Kahumana Organic Farm conference & accommodation package. Is a student rate available for this package?

  • Unfortunately, there is not an option to unbundle this packaged rate. Revenues generated from the higher-priced conference & accommodation packages are helping to subsidize the discounted conference & accommodation packages that help us ensure access for all socioeconomic levels to participate in the conference.
  • The alternative site, Camp Pālehua is an incredible location rich in cultural history and offers stunning views, comfortable (rustic) accommodations, and delicious food that we highly recommend.

We have a 3-year old son. Are private room accommodations available so that we don’t inconvenience other conference participants?

  • There are very limited options to accommodate this type of request. Contact Shawnie Fowler for further assistance.

Can I stay at Pālehua or Kahumana past the July 29 conference date?  

For assistance to stay beyond the July 29 conference date you may contact:

Our proposal was accepted but our presenter has since left our organization. Can we send someone in her stead?

  • A alternate presenter may replace a presenter who has since left your organization or is otherwise unable to present only if the replacement presenter registers and participates as a full conference participant.