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Sending information to students

A quick way to get information to your students is through the Announcements tool with its email notification feature. This will send a message to the students’ addresses (or whatever address they had specified in their Laulima account details) and will post an announcement for the students to reference on the course’s Home page.

To send a message using the tool, go into the course space and click on “Announcements” on the course menu

image 1

This will take you into the Announcements tool:

image 1b

Click on "Add"

image 2

Enter a title and the message body. (You can format the message body’s text and make other formatting adjustments using the editor’s menu.)

image 3

Scroll down the page to the Email Notification area. To send the message to the students’ addresses, select "High - All Participants" (selecting "Low - Only participants who have opted in" will only send the message to students who have chosen to receive email notifications from Laulima)

image 4

Click "Add Announcement"

image 5

The message should be sent and the announcement should now be listed in the Announcements tool

image 6

…and the Home area:

image 7