Puʻuhonua: Places of Sanctuary

Activities, objectives and progress to date:

Activity 1. Na kaunoʻo – ʻApuakea (WCCC) ame Kanikoʻo (OS/HYCF)
Create college centers of learning for incarcerated females and incarcerated and/or at-risk students (i.e. disengaged from school, other academic risk factors, and/or history of failures) on the windward side.

  • Increase number of community college centers for incarcerated and at-risk high school students on the windward side. (Baseline: 0, Yr 1 – 5: 2). Attainment: 1 center created at Olomana School (on track)
  • Increase the enrollment of NH students entering straight from Hawaii high schools by 1% per year. Attainment: too early for grant to impact; occurred before grant start)
  • Increase the enrollment of Native Hawaiian adult learners (ages 25-48) by 1% per year (Baseline: 304,Yr1: 307, Yr2: 310, Yr3: 313, Yr4: 316, Yr5: 319) Attainment: in progress
  • Reduce the recidivism rate amongst incarcerated students enrolled in post-secondary programs by 2% per year (Baseline (HYCF): 75%, Yr1: 73%, Yr2: 71%, Yr3: 69%, Yr4: 67%, Yr5: 65%) Attainment: in progress

Activity 2. Waihona Hoʻonaʻauao “Building the education”
Create college credit curriculum specific to these populations that leads toward a degree or certificate appropriate to the specific population.

  • Increase the number of NH certificate and degree completions by 3% per year (Baseline: 156, Yr1: 161, Yr2: 166, Yr3: 171, Yr4: 176, Yr5: 181).

Activity 3. Kakoʻo haumana “supporting students”
Develop appropriate student support strategies to promote college success for these populations.

  • Students complete coursework successfully with a grade of C or better (Baseline: N/A; Years 1-5: 70% course success rate of C or better)Attainment: n/a as coursework is still in progress
  • Increase the persistence Fall to Spring for this cohort of NH students, as compared to general persistence rate by 1% per year (Baseline: 70%, Yr1:71%, Yr2: 72%, Yr3: 73%, Yr4: 74%, Yr5: 75%) Attainment: n/a as it is not Fall yet
  • Increase the percentage of first-time, full-time degree seeking undergraduate students who were in their first year of postsecondary enrollment in the previous year and are enrolled in the current year at the same institution by 1% per year (WCC baseline: 62%, Yr1: 63%, Yr2: 64%, Yr3: 65%, Yr4: 66%, Yr5: 67%).Attainment: in progress
  • Increase the number of NH certificate and degree completions by 3% per year (Baseline: 156, Yr1: 161, Yr2: 166, Yr3: 171, Yr4: 176, Yr5: 181).Attainment: 142, too early for grant to impact as completion occurred before grant start)

Status: in progress
Years: 2016-2021
Amount: $2,459,475