Know Your IX: What Employees Need to Know about Sex Discrimination & Gender-Based Violence in Higher Ed

This training provides participants with an overview of the University of Hawaiʻi’s system-wide policy on sex discrimination and gender-based violence (EP 1.204). Participants will learn about the spectrum of behaviors and language which may implicate sex discrimination and gender-based violence and will be advised of employee and student rights, University obligation, reporting options, as well as campus and community resources, if they experience or observe sex discrimination or gender-based violence within the UH community. Employees will be advised of their reporting requirements under State law and University policy. This training will be partly interactive, highlighting case studies in the University context more likely to be encountered by employees, to help prepare attendees for situations in which prompt response will be required.

Intended Audience: Employees at the University of Hawaiʻi, including instructional faculty, lecturers, supervisors, Civil Service, APT, etc.

Duration: Min. 2 hours