Responsible Employees

Responsible Employees are University employees who are required to share the details of any report of sex discrimination, including sexual misconduct that they become aware of to the Title IX Coordinator.  Responsible Employees are required to report to the Title IX Coordinator all relevant details related to the alleged prohibited conduct within 3 days — even if the disclosing person asks them not to. In addition, a Responsible Employee who becomes aware of a report but is unsure whether the reported conduct qualifies as prohibited sex discrimination should still report to the Title IX Coordinator to enable the Coordinator to make an assessment and respond appropriately.

Responsible Employees include Title IX Coordinators and Deputies, Title IX offices, the University of Hawaiʻi Office of Institutional Equity, University of Hawaiʻi Community College System Office of Compliance & Title IX, University Executive and Managerial employees, faculty members, and campus security/public safety departments.

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