Fleet Services   
General Policies
General Policies
  • Any and all revisions to this document shall be submitted in writing to Transportation Services by the unit head/authorized representative.
  • State-owned vehicles shall be used for official University-related business only.
  • The safety of rental vehicles garaged/stored away from Transportation Services shall be the responsibility of the assigned user unit and/or driver.
  • Operators shall drive safely and obey all City & County and University traffic and parking ordinances, rules, and regulations. Fines for traffic violations or crimes shall be the responsibility of the operator and user unit. State-owned vehicles shall be operated only by authorized state officials and employees or registered students with valid driver's licenses. Unit supervisors may authorize student employees or registered students with valid driver's licenses to drive state-owned vehicles for official University-related business.
  • Individuals who are not state employees or state officials may be permitted to operate state-owned vehicles with the prior approval of the respective unit head. At no time shall unauthorized riders be permitted ina state-owned vehicle. Operators shall be required to pre-check the vehicle and report any damages prior to use.
  • Smoking is prohibited in University of Hawai'i vehicles. Passengers and vehicle operators shall not smoke while in a University vehicle.
  • The use of electronic mobile devices is prohibited while operating a University of Hawai'i vehicle
  • Any and all accidents shall be reported to Transportation Services at (808) 956-8875.

Transportation Oahu Policy Manual

Termination of Services for Federal Funded Accounts
(Effective June 1, 2001)
  • Since June 1, 2001, Transportation Services has ceased providing services to federal funded accounts. Thus, federal funded accounts cannot be charged or billed for services provided by us. Please see the memo for details. (PDF)