Consultation on UHM Planning for Post-Pandemic Hawaii

The Senate received a letter from Provost Bruno on 9/22/20 for consultation on a plan in response to the requested actions from the University of Hawai’i’s Board of Regents Resolution 20-03, Proclaiming an Emergency and Directing Action by the University of Hawai’i Administration.  The MFS Executive Committee responded with suggestions on a process for faculty input and a proposed timeline leading to a formal response via the Senate. Senators will soon receive communication from the SEC with a request to report on the level of faculty input happening inside each UHM college/unit.


The SEC responded to Provost Bruno on 9/28/2020 with suggestions to improve consultation.  The response, and an attachment providing guidance on shared governance are linked here.

On 10/19/2020, the SEC sent the attached communication to UHM CEO David Lassner, with cc: to Provost Bruno and BOR Chair Kudo. The memo asks for:

  1. Better articulation and sharing of a more unified vision of the overall planning and budgeting process
  2. A strategic prioritization process

Thank you to our UHMFS senators for generating reports on the degree and quality of faculty consultation within UHM units.  These reports were shared to the Provost.