Accessing LISTSERV via the Web (Subscribers)

This section provides a quick tour of the subscribers corner part of the Web interface. For more information about each page, refer to the online help (Help  in the navigation panel). For your convenience some common tasks have been included in the next section.

Getting Started

To get started, point your browser to:
University of Hawai‘i LISTSERV screen will be displayed, listing a variety of menu selections. Your access to these selections depends on your status – Subscriber or List Owner.

To get started, click on Log In.
If you have already registered with the UH LISTSERV, just enter your email address and the password that was used to register your LISTSERV account. If this is the first time you are logging in, click on get a new LISTSERV password that is in blue and fill in the information requested. An “OK” confirmation will be emailed to you. Click on the link in the email to activate your account. If you are already registered and have forgotten your password, click on the get a new LISTSERV passwordlink to create a new password. Follow the instructions on the next screen to specify a new password. An “OK” confirmation will be sent to your email address for verification. Your request will become active after you have verified your request.
Note: Your password for the LISTSERV must be a minimum of 5 non-space characters. This password is independent of your UH username password. Like any password, you should take care in creating a password that is unique, and you should not distribute it to others. 
After you have confirmed your password, go back to the Welcome page and click on Log in to sign in. On the Login Required screen, type in your complete email address and the password you specified, then click the Log In button.

Navigating the Web Interface

The Web Interface is divided into the following parts: 
  • Top Banner – Default Page header
  • Navigation bar – Appearing on the top side of the main form is the navigation bar. The navigation bar stays generally the same from page to page and contains links back to the various main areas of the Web interface that you have access to: List Management, Subscribers Corner, Email Lists, Preferences, and Log off.
  • Options – Shows options such as Log Out, Change Password, and Search Archives.
  • Help – This section contains links to documentation for users of the LISTSERV website
  • Resources – Functions to request for a new LISTSERV, browsing other LISTSERV through the Catalist search, and information about the LISTSERV software
  • Public Lists - LISTSERV that are marked public.
In LISTSERV 15.0, you can select three modes for the web interface. 
  • Basic - Only the most common options are shown, but no tutorial text is displayed. This is the best mode for those users who are familiar with LISTSERV, but who are not experts and do not need to use the more advanced features. This setting is the default setting.
  • Tutorial - Each web page is displayed with additional text that is meant to guide you through the options on the page. This is the best mode for beginners or for the occasional users. 
  • Expert - Each web page is displayed with no tutorial text, similar to Basic mode, and certain pages may contain advanced options that are not available with the Basic or Tutorial modes. The Expert mode is available for those users who are very familiar with LISTSERV or need access to any advanced settings.

To change the mode, click on Preferences or Basic Mode located in the top header. Use the pull down box to select the mode type (Basic Mode, Expert Mode, Tutorial Mode) then click Submit.
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