IP Phone and Avaya Voice Message FAQ

Avaya Voice Messages:

 1.  Where can I find a quick reference guide for the new voicemail system?

     Here is a quick reference guide:   Avaya Aura Messaging (voice mail) quick guide for Manoa  or  support.avaya.com/Libraries/Msg/60/user/en-US/QRG/

2.  What is the mailbox number?

     The mailbox number is the 7-digit number of the extension.  For example, for extension 66033, you would enter 956-6033.  This was done because the voicemail system now supports the Manoa campus, the community colleges and UH West Oahu.

3.  What are the password requirements?

      For security purposes, the password must be:

  • Between 4 and 15 digits
  • Cannot begin with zero
  • Cannot be the same as your extension
  • Cannot be consecutive digits
  • Cannot be a single repeated digit

4. How do I check another mailbox from a different phone?

  • Call your mailbox by pressing the Msg key or dial 78800.
  • You will hear your greeting. Press * at any time.
  • You will hear “To access your mailbox, press #” Press #.
  • You will hear “Please enter your mailbox number”. Enter the 7-digit number of the mailbox you wish to check. For example, for extension 66033, you would enter 956-6033.
  • You will hear “Please enter your password”. Enter the password for the mailbox you wish to check.

5.  Why is the message light still on after retrieving messages from the new Aura voice mail system?

  • You may have unread messages in your previous Meridian mailbox.  Log in to the Meridian mail system by calling 956-5600 and retrieve your voicemail.
  • If you hangup while listening to a voicemail message and don't delete or save it, the indicator light will still remain lit.  Go back into voicemail and either delete or save the message.

6.  My name is mispronounced.  How can I change this?

    When you first access your voicemail box, it will ask you to record your name.  This will override the initial voice greeting.  If you want to change the name after the initial setup, then

  • Call your mailbox by pressing the Msg key or dial 78800.
  • Login in with your password.
  • Select option 4 for User Preferences, then press 3 for Greetings and  3 for Name. [4-3-3]
  • Record your name.  

7.  When I call my voicemail box, the name announced is not correct.  What do I do?

    Call the Telecom Office at ext 66033 and we will make the correction.

8.  How do I access the new Avaya Aura Messaging system from an outside line?

  • Call 957-8800 and press #.  
  • When asked for the mailbox number, enter your 7-digit extension followed by the # key.  For example, for extension 66033, you would enter 956-6033#.  
  • You will be asked to enter your password for your voicemail box.  Enter your password followed by the # sign. 

9.  When accessing my voicemail, why can't I use the PLAY, DELETE and other softkey buttons?


     The softkey buttons are not available at this time.


10.  How do I skip a message?


     To skip a message, bypass a greeting or interrupt a prompt, press the # key.


11.  How do I get the phone number of the caller?


    To get the phone number or other call details, press '5' anytime during a message or at the end of the message.


System-wide Phone Service

1.  I am in a call group.  How do I pickup calls for another number that is ringing in my call group?

    Pick up your phone and dial 193 (formerly 13).  The call will be connected to your phone.

2.  Why can't I call out using my authorization code?

    Dial 196 (was 16) followed by your authorization code.

3.  Why is there an "H" in front of some of the incoming calls?

     The "H" in front of an extension indicates that this is a call between the phone servers.  We have 8 phone servers servicing the community college and Manoa campuses.  Manoa has 2 phone servers so you will also see an 'H"  for some Manoa campus numbers.

4. Why is my Personal Directory, Callers List, and Redial List blank? Can you retrieve the information?


Unfortunately, the information in those lists could not be transferred during the migration process and is no longer available. 


5.  When I press the "Callers" softkey or  select "Callers List" using the Directory button, it only shows missed or unanswered calls.  How can I show all my incoming calls?


If you want to show all incoming calls, do the following:


   1, Press the "services" button. 
   2. Select "Telephone options"
   3. Find the "Call Log Options" and select
   4. Select "Incoming Calls"
   5. Select "Log Mode: ..."
   6. Select "Log All Calls"
   7. Press the "Quit" button
6.  How do I display the name of the person calling if the phone number is in my personal directory?


To display the Name of the person calling you using your personal phone directory:
   1.  Press "Services" button on phone
   2.  Using your up and down arrows, select "Telephone Options" and hit the center button (between the up/down and left/right arrow buttons)
   3.  Using your up and down arrows, select "Call Log Options" and hit the center button
   4.  Using your up and down arrows, select "Preferred Name Match" and hit the center button
   5.  Using your up and down arrows, select "ON" and hit the center button to display the caller name as entered in your personal phone directory
   6.  Press "Quit" button on phone to exit

 If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact our Telecom Office:


Email: telecom@hawaii.edu

Phone: (808) 956-6033




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