EECB Evoluncheon Series

Fridays 11:30 to 12:30

Gilmore 306


Student meeting


Dr. Sarah Scriven

University of York

Promoting resilience and biodivesity in tropical agricultural landscapes


Faculty meeting




No Evoluncheon


No Evoluncheon


Dr. Dan Warren

Macquarie University

Learning to love terrible species distribution models


No Evoluncheon


Nicole Chatterson

Department of Anthropology

The ecological implications of Honolulu's waste management system


Tim Kroessig

Botany Department

Nihoa island and the search for Amaranthus brownii - the last of the Hawaiian amaranth


Dr. Lucas Fortini

Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center

Implications of past, ongoing and projected climate shifts to conservation efforts in Hawaii


Áki Láruson

Department of Biology

Mitochondrial genome evolution in sea urchins


No Evoluncheon - Spring Break


Rachel Sommer

Department of Biology

Title forthcoming


Courtney Payne

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management

Title forthcoming


No Evoluncheon - Good Friday


Martha Newell

Department of Biology

MS defense - title forthcoming


Matt Bond

Department of Botany

Title forthcoming


Dr. Nicole Hynson

Department of Botany

Title forthcoming



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Welcome to EECB

The EECB graduate specialization at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa is an interdisciplinary program promoting integration among the traditionally separate disciplines that come together synergistically under the umbrella of Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology. Participation in the program is available to students enrolled in the M.S. and Ph.D. programs of the affiliated Mānoa departments. The program draws on the resources of approximately 50 faculty with research skills in many specialized areas, from various departments in the College of Natural Sciences, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, the School of Medicine, and the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, as well as from the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo and affiliate faculty from other agencies.

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Please send news items to Rob Cowie (


Please welcome new EECB students for spring 2017: Anthropology—Nicole Chatterson; Botany—Michael Coe, Emily Grave, Noweo Kai, Tim Kroessig, Tiffany Lum; Entomology—Kirsten Poff; Marine Biology—Sarah Tucker; Natural Resources and Environmental Management—Carmen Antaky, Wailea Collins, Kristen Harmon, Wailea Johnston, Nate Wehr; Zoology—Luke Campillo, Maria Costantini, Stevie Kennedy-Gold, Sitara Palecanda, Rachel Sommer.


Please also welcome new students who will formally join EECB in fall 2017: Entomology—Christine Elliott; Geography—Aurora Kagawa-Viviani; Zoology—Ryan Jones, Jessica Schaefer, Caitlin Sishido.


Denial of Science

Last December, Dr. Mark Hixon led a discussion on the "Denial of Science" by proposed members of the incoming U.S. administration. The powerpoint and notes of the discussion are now online here.


Dr. Michael Kantar (Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences) joined the EECB faculty.


Congratulations to Dr. Brian Bowen who was awarded the Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Research 2016, and belated congratulations to Dr. Bob Thomson who received the award for 2015.


EECB Fellowships 2016

The following graduate students have been awarded EECB fellowships:

Maybelle Roth Fellowship - Marla Chassels, Amy Hruska

Watson T. Yoshimoto Fellowship - Jesse Adams, Marla Chassels

Hampton & Meredith Carson Fellowship - Helena Brasil Barreto, Emily Johnston


The new 2016-2017 graduate student representatives are Amy Hruska and Veronica Gibson

Latest News from EECB

Scientific writing, publishing and reviewing—a guide for students


As a follow-up to the 30 October 2015 Evoluncheon (Drs. Mark Hixon and Rob Toonen), a link is provided here to Mark's extremely useful 2004 co-authored paper "Scientific writing, publishing and reviewing—a guide for students" published in the Ecological Society of America Bulletin. And here is a link to former EECB faculty member Dr. Chris Lepczyk's 2011 paper "A beginner's guide to reviewing manuscripts in ecology and conservation" published in Ideas in Ecology and Evolution.


A selection of new publications from EECB members in 2016 and 2017


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IACUC protocols and regulations - Evoluncheon presentation by Melilssa Van Kleeck 12 December 2014

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