What is ePayment?

A simple and secure web interface for University of Hawaii (UH) employees to easily input and keep their bank information up-to-date.  The end goal is to reimburse employees for various UH expenses (such as travel) electronically via direct deposit instead of by paper check.

The overall benefits:

How does ePayment work?

Who should sign up?

Employees in Peoplesoft who normally receive payment in the form of a paper check from the UH Disbursing Office for travel, mileage, stipends, etc. If you are uncertain whether these payments apply to you, please check with your department's fiscal office.

ePayment DOES NOT apply to the following:
  1. Direct deposit for payroll. Go to http://go.hawaii.edu/f5I for instructions on enrolling in the Hawaii Information Portal, the State's new modern payroll system.
  2. UH students because a separate eRefund service is available through the MyUH portal for students to enter their bank information online for direct deposit of refunds for tuition/scholarships.
  3. Any payments processed directly through RCUH, including RCUH funded travel since they have their own financial system, separate from KFS. See these instructions to sign up for direct deposit in RCUH's ePayment system.
  4. Any employee who intends to transfer all monies received from UH to a foreign banking institution, per new NACHA guidelines effective 9/18/2009.
  5. Student fellowship stipends. After a vendor record is set up in KFS, these payments can be direct-deposited by submitting the DISB-ACH (Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization) form.
ePayment is a joint project between Information Technology Services and the UH Disbursing Office.  Initial release was on November 7, 2008. VP & CFO Howard Todo issued a formal memo on November 17, 2009, announcing systemwide release.
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