The HSRC is a field research laboratory focusing on studies in Hawaiian freshwater ecology. Located on the island of Kauai, we are a research unit within the Center for Conservation Research and Training at the University of Hawaii.

The Hawaii Stream Research Center was established in July 1996 as a cooperative project between the University of Hawaii (Center for Conservation Research and Training), the State Department of Land and Natural Resources (Aquatic Resources Division), and the National Tropical Botanical Garden (Limahuli Gardens). The mission of the Hawaii Stream Research Center is to assist the State of Hawaii in its efforts to develop responsible, effective, science-based management policies and strategies which provide for the long-term sustainability and enhancement of aquatic ecosystems.To fulfill its mission, the HSRC is pursuing basic and applied research directed at understanding the ecological functioning of Hawaiian streams in relation to riparian zones, watersheds, estuaries, and nearshore marine habitat. In an initial three-year cooperative research project with Limahuli Gardens, an affilitate of the National Tropical Botanical Garden, the Hawaii Stream Research Center is:

refining technologies for monitoring ecological components of Hawaiian streams which will be used to understand the processes of stream function and their relationship to watersheds, riparian areas, and localized weather variation;

developing a model community-based stream monitoring program staffed by a cadre of trained

further developing a PC ARC-Info based
Geographical Information System (GIS) and Internet website, centralized within the UH Center for Conservation Research and Training, to improve the effectiveness of stream resource management efforts in the State of Hawaii.

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