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Jan. 2002, Vol. 27 No. 1
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photo of compter screen on car dash showing traffic sites


Kaua'i’s Real Lost World 8

A dig at an unusual cave and sinkhole near Po‘ipu yields unexpected information about former human, animal and plant inhabitants. Kaua'i Community College groups join a Smithsonian scientist in uncovering the island’s past.

It Takes Courage 11

Two UH professors brave criticism and challenge the status quo to help others. Attorney Eric Yamamoto helped overturn a Supreme Court ruling on a wartime internment conviction, paving the way for reparations for Japanese Americans. Anatomy expert Milton Diamond challenged the once-standard practice of reassigning gender in infants with damaged or ambiguous genitals, resulting in a change in standard medical practice.

Road Remedies 13

UH civil engineers are using technology to prevent increased traffic congestion and provide O'ahu drivers with real-time information. Web sites, automated traffic monitors and computer simulations are among the tools Panos Prevedouros and C. S. Papacostas use to keep traffic moving.

Mushroom Man 17

In his passion for fungi, UH Hilo Professor Don Hemmes has produced the first field guide to Hawai'i mushrooms and hopes to make the modest mushroom a major new crop for the Big Island of Hawai'i.