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Jan. 2003, Vol 28 No. 1
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Identified in the Blink of an Eye 9
Biometrics marries human behavior and physiology with computer technology for security, learning and marketing. At UH, eye-tracking experiments could improve how people learn from and use technology while a patent-pending Pressure Mouse can recognize authorized users.

A Mummy’s Tale 11
An epidemiologist and a historian from Manoa will use CAT scans to unwrap the stories of everyday mummies—providing a potential treasure of information about life in ancient Egypt.

Chandler’s List 12
Returning to faculty after eight years in state service, Professor of Social Work Susan Chandler reflects on her tenure as Hwai‘i’s state director of human services and her plans for promoting applicable policy research.

So You Want to Write a Book 13
Veterans writers and publishers among UH faculty and alumni offer advice to aspiring authors. In a nutshell: Read, research, write, negotiate, publicize.

Service with a Song 15
Manoa Professor of Music Arthur Harvey believes music can promote healing and enhance learning. His passion for the subject leads him to lecture and sing for just about anyone who cares to listen.

Community Colleges Come of Age 14
In this Q&A with a post-war immigrant who became a UH chancellor, Joyce Tsunoda reflects on two decades of growth in UH’s Community Colleges system as she and the campuses undertake new challenges.

Midget Sub Mystery 18
A training dive by two UH research submersibles locates World War II’s first Pearl Harbor casualty—a Japanese midget sub that was trying to sneak into the harbor ahead of the Dec. 7 bombing attack when it was sunk by the crew of the USS Ward.


Front Page news and reports 3
Resettling Rongelap, Touching and tips, Fish slime sunscreen, Mauna Kea Astronomy Education Center, New discoveries, Branding the university, Regents’ medalists and more

Alumni profiles and class notes 20
Randy Tanaka markets the Hawai'i Convention Center; Claus Hansen and Ken Ordenstein are modern morticians; Kelley Hestir and Stephanie Castillo honor WWII veterans