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Brendan Sagara

Brendan Sagara (BBA ’97 Hilo) is a Honolulu freelance writer.



Stories by Brendan Sagara

Ball boys and girls keep play safely going

The ball boys and ball girls of UH Mānoa sports sprint after volleyballs spanked out of bounds or hustle out from under basketball hoops to wipe up wet spots and chase down errant passes at Wahine soccer matches.

Category: Sports

Alumni Growing Native Hawaiian Plants

Venture is environmental and business success.

video iconGrowing Native

Category: April 2010 · Features · Multimedia

Florence Nakakuni: Hawaiʻi’s top law officer

Florence Nakakuni
BEd, PD ’74, JD ’78 Mānoa

Category: People

Kiaʻāina brings panache to announcer’s role

Public address announcer Ben Kiaʻāina’s voice is part of UH volleyball lore and a test of both human lung capacity and legal decibel limits.

video iconBen Kiaʻāina in action

Category: Multimedia · Sports