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You have received a handout in class of the objectives for our Storytelling opportunity. The following resources on the WWW may help you select a story. Choose a story carefully. Please choose your story only from the following folklore forms: Folktales, Epics, Fairy Tales, Parables, Legends, Hero Tales, Myths, Fables, Ballads. Be sure that you REALLY LIKE the story -- share with us something that is unique as well as entertaining. Introduce a story that will be new for many of us.

Suggestion: Find a story that comes from your own ethnic or cultural background. If you find a story online you may save yourself some time. I have attempted to organize the following links by category so that you can find what you might be looking for. It is possible that you may find a dead link--if you do please let me know. Happy Hunting.

General and Comparitive

  • The Study/Field/Subject/Philosophy of Folklore & Mythology --
  • Bibliographies, Reading Lists, and Collections of Texts --
  • Mythologies from Multiple Cultures --
  • Myths from assorted cultures based around a particular theme --
  • Myths Ordered to region

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