University of Hawaiʻi System Logo Design Submissions

Three local graphics firms submitted the following designs for consideration in a process to select a new logo for the University of Hawaiʻi System.

You may wish to review the project background, or simply click on one of the proposed new logos, below, to view the image design and narrative.

During consideration, designs were identified by number only. The design firm and percentage of public comment favoring each design have been added below.

Design 2

Proposed Logo Design Two©2004 University of Hawaiʻi


This symbol was based on an element found in the existing seal of the University of Hawaiʻi: the torch–from the Hawaiian word mālamalama–which means the light of knowledge.

The torch is done as a "petroglyph"–the form ancient Hawaiians used to communicate by carving simple images in stone–and the shield echoes the traditional symbol of higher education used by many universities.

The color green was selected to reflect the main campus situated in green Mānoa Valley, but different colors can be used to identify each of the other university campuses.

The petroglyph torch will continue to burn with the light of knowledge: of the past and into the future.

Design 2 in black

Proposed Logo Design Two in Black