Rotuman Albums and Songs


  1. Afaga, Songs composed and sung by Harry Tivaknoa
  2. Christmas Happenings, Volume 1 - 2002, by Churchward Chapel Choir
  3. Fara songs of Rotuma Vol.1, recorded by the Kelepi family of Rotuma: Aunty Savea, niece Kiji Louey, nephew Toga Penasio, and nephew Varea Solvalu
  4. FaraJam, featuring songs by Jon Kafoa
  5. Rotuman Chants & Hymns by Churchward Choir
  6. Tautoga, recorded on Rotuma by Ad and Lucia Linkels
  7. Vali'i: Rotuman Polynesian Music, by the Lalavi Band in Sydney, Australia

Soundclips from these albums are presented in MP3 format, at 22050 Hz, 16 bit stereo.


Fara music from av mane'a on Rotuma in January 2001, recorded by Nancy Smith (in MP3 format, at 22050 Hz, 16 bit stereo)

The song "Rotuma," sung by members of the New Zealand Rotuma Fellowship, recorded in Wellington, by Ad and Lucia Linkels. We have added visuals to the words, which are superimposed over the pictures. There are two versions, one for 56k modems (Rotuma 56k), the other for broadband connections (Rotuma bb). Viewing requires Quicktime.

Sound clip of a song titled "Southseas" that includes rapping in Rotuman and a Rotuman chorus, recorded by a group including Aaron Valera, Isaac Titifanua, and Gordon Wesley of Vancouver B.C. From the album Tales from the Script (in MP3 format, at 22050 Hz, 16 bit stereo).

Lyrics to Rotuman Songs

Composers (manatu) of well-known and well-loved Rotuman songs