Administrative Procedure 8.290 Administrative Procedure 8.290


Requirements of Federally Funded Purchases


Administrative Procedure Chapter 8, Business and Finance
Administrative Procedure AP8.290, Requirements of Federally Funded Purchases
Effective Date:  July 2019
Prior Dates Amended:  September 2009
Review Date:  July 2022

I. Purpose

This procedure recognizes Board of Regents Policy (“RP”) 12.207

This procedure redirects the policy and procedure for federally funded purchases to Regents Policy (RP) 12.207 and Administrative Procedure (AP) 12.203, which identifies the Office of Research Services (ORS) and the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii (RCUH) as providing fiscal and administrative services, including but not limited to, the procurement of goods, services, and construction, for extramurally sponsored research and training projects, including those sponsored by federal contracts and grants.

II. Definitions

Extramural contracts and grants refer to external sponsorship of research, training, or other activities such as a federally funded grant or contract.

III. Administrative Procedure

  1. Pursuant to RP 12.207 and AP 12.203, RCUH provides fiscal and administrative services to the University for the University’s extramural contracts and grants with federal sponsors.  Except for split funded purchases with non-federal funds, all procurement contracts and purchase orders utilizing federal funds shall be processed through ORS and RCUH to ensure compliance with all applicable federal rules and regulations through the inclusion of terms and conditions required by the particular federal grant or contract.

  2. Split Funded Purchases.  Split funded procurements involving a federally sponsored research or training account and a University non-federal fund account shall be processed as a University procurement action through the University financial system.  The federal rules and regulations, as addressed in RCUH policies and procedures, would still apply to these split funded procurements.  Purchases intended for the support of federally funded contracts and grants shall not be supplemented with funds from a University non-federal fund account for the primary purpose of creating a split-funded purchase in order to evade processing through ORS and RCUH.

  3. Additional Information.  Any questions regarding the requirements of federally funded purchases of goods and services under extramural contracts and grants should be directed to ORS and/or RCUH.

IV. Delegation of Authority

In accordance with Executive Policy 12.102, the Vice President for Research and Innovation or authorized designee(s) are delegated authority to sign and execute all systemwide extramural contract and grants (research and training), agreements and contract assignments and releases under $5,000,000. Finalized contract/grant documents, contract assignments and releases shall be reviewed by the Office of Research Services as provided in applicable university policies and instructions.

V. Contact Information

Office of Procurement Management, Tel. No. (808) 956-8687

VI. References

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VII. Exhibits and Appendices

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    July 26, 2019    
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