Microsoft Select Price List


Microsoft products purchased through this program can be made by University of Hawaii Departments and must be for UH related use only.

The table below provides the price per license, which is the legal right the use the software program. The license fee does not include the installation DVD. The DVD price is $25.00 per set. NO loan software is available for server products. Trial versions of the software will not work under this licensing program.

The CD/DVD set must be ordered at the same time as the license or a valid Microsoft license must be shown (purchase orders and/or requisitions will not be accepted as proof unless the vendor is holding the original license certificates.)

Software Assurance (SA):

SA is an additional "maintenance" fee, providing the rights to any new versions of the product released during the valid SA period. SA is valid between 25 to 36 months depending on when in the year this is purchased. Orders with SA processed from now until 10/31/2017 will be valid until November 30, 2019. License holders will be contacted prior to the SA expiration date with the option to renew their SA for an additional 36 months or allow it to lapse. If you are interested in purchasing SA for any of the products below, please contact the ITS Site License Administrator at (808) 956-5783 for pricing.

Downgrade Option:

Downgrading provides you with the right to use a prior version of a product that you are purchasing. For example, the Windows Svr Standard 2012 R2 license can be downgraded to Windows Svr Standard 2008 R2 if you prefer to use this version instead. When you are ready to move up to the newer version, you can automatically upgrade your license to the version that was originally purchased. However you may need to purchase the installation DVD in order to do the installation.

Item #1:

Item #2:
SQL Svr 2016 Standard License
(Downgrade to: SQL Svr 2014 Standard)
SQL Svr 2014 Standard DVD

The installation CD/DVD is $25.00 per media set.
Prices are subject to change without notice. If you are interested in a product not on this list, please call (808) 956-5783 for availability and pricing.

Part Number Product Name Price
MSS-ESSI2016 Exchange Server 2016 Standard License (64-bit) $150.00
MSS-ESEI2016 Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise License (64-bit) $860.00
MSS-ESCDI2016 Exchange Server Client Access License 2016 (Device) $2.90
MSS-ESCUI2016 Exchange Server Client Access License 2016 (User) $2.90
MSS-SSST16 SQL Server 2016 Standard
MSS-SSST2C16 SQL Server 2016 Standard (2) Core License
MSS-SSEN2C16 SQL Server 2016 Enterprise (2) Core License
MSS-SSCU16 SQL Server 2016 Client Access License (User) $44.50
MSS-SSCD16 SQL Server 2016 Client Access License (Device) $44.50
MSS-WSST16 Windows Server 2016 Standard License 2Core
MSS-WSDC16 Windows Server 2016 Datacenter 2Core
MSS-WSEC16 Windows Server 2016 External Connector
MSS-WSCD16 Windows Server Client Access License 2016 (Device) $6.65
MSS-WSCU16 Windows Server Client Access License 2016 (User) $6.65
MSS-WRDSCD16 Windows Remote Desktop Svcs CAL 2016 (Device) $21.85
MSS-WRDSCU16 Windows Remote Desktop Svcs CAL 2016 (User) $21.85