MyUH Retirement

MyUH will be retired on April 4, 2017 and replaced by the new MyUH Services.  Using the new MyUH is as easy as:

Search, Click, Done!

Most of the time you won't even have to search.  The system is smart enough to show you the most popular tasks that are currently in use. So during registration, for example, registration(STAR), class listings and other tasks that are heavily used at the moment will filter to the top of the MyUH page making it easier for you to find what you need!

To help with this transition a list of the popular links from MyUH is presented below in the new MyUH Services format:

Table of Contents

Tasks for everyone
Tasks for students
Tasks for faculty
Tasks for staff
Service Centers
Submit a service

For everyone


Search for "Gmail" or go directly to


Search for "Laulima" or go directly to

For students


Search for "STAR" or go to directly to

Student Payments & Financial Resources

Search payments or go directly to:

View My Financial Aid Information

Search for "view my financial aid" or go directly to:

For faculty

Search for Faculty Services or go directly to:

For staff

Search for Employee Resources or go directly to:

Service Centers

The new portal has Service Centers that group related services together for your convenience.  Check out some of the currently defined service centers:

UH Manoa Student Links:

UH Hilo Student Links:

UH West Oahu Links:

UH Maui College Links:

Kapiolani CC Student Links:

Leeward CC Student Links: 

Honolulu CC Student Links:

Windward CC Student Links:

Hawaii CC Student Links:

Kauai CC Student Links:

Google@UH Resources(All):

Employee Resources(Staff):

Human Resourecs(Staff):

Financial Management (Staff):

A task(icon) hasn't been created on MyUH Services.  How do I request a new task be created?

Click on the Submit a Service task on MyUH Services or go: to suggest a new task icon to be created.

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