Spirion for Windows: Recommended Configuration Settings

Recommended Configuration

Spirion Settings

  1. Open Spirion, and enter in your password
  2. If Prompted, open the Advanced Interface
  3. Click on the Configuration tab on the top bar then Settings.
  4. Spirion configuration tab


Options to automatically find Social Security Numbers

  1. Uncheck Only when location contains keyword
  2. Spirion AnyFind Settings

File Types

Include the following types of Files when searching

NOTE: This could have an impact on performance
  1. Search these file types dropdown, select All
  2. Spirion file type settings. Search for All.

NOTE: If you encounter problematic filetypes, you could select Custom instead. You will see a Manage button where you can deselect problematic file types.

Options for searching Files

Spirion file types settings. Check 3 boxes.
  1. Check Include mapped network drives when searching 'My Computer'
  2. Check Allow searching of file systems not fully supported by Windows
  3. Check Display a warning when unsupported file systems are detected

Optional Configuration

Custom Folders

Use this setting if you would like to scan specific folders, instead of your entire computer. This is useful for external drives, file shares, or encrypted containers.

  1. Click on ... next to the Folder: text box
  2. Spirion Custom Folder Settings
  3. In the Browse for Folder Window, select the location or directory you would like to include. Click Ok
  4. The directory path should appear in the Folder: text box. Click Add
  5. The directory path should appear under the folder location

Data Types

Spirion selected data types

The recommended data types to scan for is:

  • Social Security
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Account
  • Drivers License


Spirion locations tab

NOTE: Spirion will only scan one location at a time. You need to start another scan if you would like to scan another location. If you don't set the recommended settings above, Spirion will not scan mapped/network drives.

  • My Computer: Search for data types across all hard drives and removable drives on your computer
  • My Documents: Search within the Documents and Settings folders for the current user on your computer
  • Removable Drives: Search for data types across all removable drives connected to your computer
  • Custom Folders: Search within the specific folders of your choice
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