I do not like my current password. How do I change it?

ITS recommends that you change your password periodically to ensure the security of your UH Username. Your password should not be easily guessed or associated with you like your name written backwards, your name, birth date or your telephone number. The security of your UH Username is in your hands and will depend on your password.

You may change your password online on the UH Account Management page . You will be asked to login with your UH Username and your current password. After you have logged in, you should select the Change Password link and you will be asked to provide your current password and a new password. Please note that the new password may take up to 14 minutes to be changed. If your new password does not work, you may still use the old one until the new one takes effect.

Here are some tips on selecting your new password:

  • Your password must be 8-32 characters long
  • You must use at least one upper case alphabetic character, one lower case alphabetic character, one numeric character, and one special character
  • Make it a habit to change your password frequently
  • Choose a password that is hard to guess. Do not use words from a dictionary, birth dates, or names
  • Make sure your password has nothing to do with the two questions and answers you provided when you initially set your password
  • A good way to build a password is to use the first letter of each word in a phrase that you would easily remember, using numbers and symbols if possible. For example, "One is the loneliest number by Harry Nilsson" can be used to build the password 1itl#bHN
  • Memorize your password and do not share it with anyone
  • Treat your password as you would treat any important confidential information about yourself

ref: http://www.hawaii.edu/infotech/uhusernamepractices.html#iwanttochangepassword

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