The UH VPN Service

VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network".  It enables IP traffic to travel securely over a public TCP/IP network by encrypting all traffic from one network to another. VPNs are generally used when a person wants to use a computer from a remote site (such as their home) to access "enterprise" (corporate) resources. The UH VPN allows you to become part of the UH network from anywhere.

Why should I use the UH VPN?

Access to the UH VPN is only necessary if it is required by a specific institutional application (such as PeopleSoft or STAR). Check with your application administrator if you require access to the application from a non-UH network.  They will tell you if you need to use the UH VPN.   Most general applications (UH email, Laulima, etc.) should be accessible without having to use the UH VPN.

How do I get access?
You will need:
1)  Your UH Username and password (and you must be currently affiliated with UH)
2)  A Windows, Macintosh, iOS, or Android device that is connected to a network and configured to use the UH VPN

Specific details on using the UH VPN can be found at:

Please note that use of the VPN requires some knowledge of configuring the network settings of your computer.

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