Nothing Posted is Private!

Posted pictures of you and your friends having a great time at a wild party on your FaceBook page? Or perhaps you or a friend uploaded a video of yourself in an embarrassing situation?  Keep in mind:  NOTHING POSTED ON THE INTERNET IS PRIVATE!

Even though the pictures and videos may be deleted from the original sites, copies may live on forever.  People can easily download the images while available and make those images available on other websites.  Or the images could be cached and/or archived in some server on the Internet without your knowledge.

Employers are now searching the Internet for the names of their prospective employees as part of their hiring process - that drunken image of you may persuade them to pass you by.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before posting anything on the Internet:

  • How could this affect you in the future?
  • If your posting contains information about others:  How could this affect them in the future?
  • Would you want this out on the Internet FOREVER

To check to see what is out there on the Internet, use an Internet seach engine (such as Google) and search for your name.  You might be surprised with what you find.

If you do find something about you on the Internet that is objectionable, your primary recourse is to contact the website's administrator or content owner and ask them to take it down. 





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