Under an agreement with Google, the University of Hawaiʻi ("UH") offers two types of Google applications through Google@UH: Core applications ("Core Apps") and Consumer applications ("Consumer Apps").

Core Apps include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sites, Groups (UH-only account collaboration), Contacts, Hangouts and Classroom. These applications are governed by a master agreement between UH and Google, and are available through Google@UH to all UH accounts.


Consumer Apps include applications such as Blogger, Google Bookmarks, Google Maps, Google Groups (all account collaboration), Google Currents, Google Photos, Google Analytics, Youtube, Chrome Sync, Google Cloud Print, Google Developers Console, Google My Maps, Google Takeout, Google Custom Search, Google Alerts, Scholar Profiles, Google Earth, Material Gallery, Google Search Console, and Google Data Studio.

For a full list of current consumer apps, go to https://www.hawaii.edu/askus/1650#consumerapps

BloggerBookmarksMapsGoogle CurrentsGoogle PhotosAnalyticsYouTubeChromeGoogle Cloud Print

Google Developers ConsoleGoogle My MapsGoogle TakeoutGoogle Custom SearchGoogle AlertsScholar ProfilesGoogle EarthMaterial GalleryGoogle Search ConsoleGoogle Data Studio

These Consumer Apps can be made available through Google@UH by logging in here and electing to turn them on. The decision to use any of these Consumer Apps is solely at the discretion of the individual user and is not mandated by UH. The Google@UH Consumer Apps site will not be available daily at 2am-3am HST for nightly maintenance.

Google@UH Consumer Apps is currently undergoing nightly maintenance


Google@UH Consumer Apps FAQs
Google@UH Documentation