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Welcome to ACER
, the University of Hawaii Acknowledgements and Certifications online service. ACER is a component of the UH Information Security Awareness Training initiative.

ACER provides a list of the Acknowledgements and Certifications that you may need in order to access some of UH’s online services. If you need one of these for a particular online service, the service will provide you instructions and a link to ACER.

Why ACER, why now?
UH has been strengthening its policies and practices related to information security through a number of initiatives. One of the key initiatives is to increase the availability of information security awareness training and education. ACER can help ensure that those that work with online applications that contain sensitive data are well informed and are better prepared to use sensitive information appropriately.

ACER provides two components that address security awareness training and education. The first is for Acknowledgements; the second is for Certifications.

(read and click). Acknowledgements provide access to online resources such as published policies and procedures that can be used to review UH expectations and requirements. After you have read the provided materials, clicking the checkbox completes the training.

(read and pass the test). Certifications provide training and testing to ensure that UH expectations have been read, reviewed, and internalized. After you have read the provided materials, passing the test completes the training. Tests can be taken as many times as needed.