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Annual UH Device Registration

As part of the University of Hawaiʻi's Information Security Program, all servers operating on the UH network must be registered and regularly scanned for UH Regulated data, personal information, and vulnerabilities.

Servers are inherently used to store information. UH Regulated data, and other personal information may inadvertently be placed on these servers at any time. To protect information stored on these servers, they are required to be scanned & remediated for vulnerabilities and UH Regulated information on a regular basis (at a minimum, annually).

If UH Regulated data is stored on the server (as defined by UH Executive Policy E2.214), monthly scans are required. Use the UH Minimum Security Standards to secure your server based on the highest data classification of the server. Visit for more information.

To register your servers, please click on "Registration Console" located in the blue navigation bar on the left hand side of this page. You will need to login with your UH username and password to continue with registration.

You will need to enter the following information for each server:

  • Host IP
  • External IP (if applicable)
  • Hostname
  • Campus
  • Operating System
  • Device Type
  • Device Administrator's Contact Information
  • Type of information stored on the server
  • Remediation information (assumption is that there will not be any remediation information initially)

For More Information

University of Hawai‘i Information Security