Statement by President Lassner regarding news release by Mauna Kea Protectors at UH

University of Hawaiʻi
Dan Meisenzahl, (808) 956-8856
Director, UH Communications
Posted: Sep 18, 2019

The University of Hawaii's core mission is education and the broadening of minds.  Bigotry is antithetical to that mission, and is condemned by the University. The statements of individuals cited do not represent the positions or views of the University of Hawaii or its leadership.

UH has clear policy that prohibits "any work related or workplace violence against its students, faculty, staff, visitors and contract employees which materially and substantially interferes with an individual’s work, academic performance, and/or workplace safety and/or otherwise subjectively and objectively creates a hostile environment.  Such prohibited violent acts may involve physical attack, property damage, as well as written or verbal statements or non-verbal gestures that, to a reasonable person, express or suggest the intent to cause physical or mental harm to another person”.

I have directed that the responsible officials at UH review the materials provided to assess appropriate next steps under applicable UH policies and procedures.  

At the time of the email exchange noted, I issued a message directly to the entire list that concluded: "It is my deepest hope that we can all find ways to learn from what is happening today to become a stronger community of learners, teachers and scholars. We donÊ»t all need to agree. But we all benefit when we commit to civility and respect for one another, especially those with whom we disagree.”


David Lassner

UH President